Tag: NVC

Peacebuilding When We Disagree (Podcast)

Click here to listen to the full interview! With election season 2020 behind us, there’s a lot of talk from winning candidates about o...

Making Sense of These Times (Video)

In this live-streamed conversation, I discuss the opportunities that NVC provides for understanding and transforming racism.

An Introduction To NVC (Video)

In this video interview, I provide an introduction to Nonviolent Communication.

Deeper Connections | Action for Happiness (Video)

In this video, I introduces the principles of Nonviolent Communication and how we can use these to enhance our relationships, deal construct...

Renewing the Dream: Using Nonviolent Communication to Answer Dr. King’s Call for Social Change

How can nonviolent communication help us return to the powerful vision of social change for which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so strongly ad...

NVC – Changing Consciousness, Relationships & Systems

Roxy Manning, with Janey Skinner Nonviolent Communication (NVC) was developed, in part, because its founder, Marshall Rosenberg, was in...

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