Authentic Dialogues Across Race / Ethnicity

April 12, 2021
Mondays, April 12 - May 24, 2021
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Bridging the Divide

Are you desperately longing for ways to bridge the huge racial and ethnic divides in our country? Would you like an opportunity to speak authentically, connect with each other, and really be heard?

Without question, action is needed in order to prevent and address the harm that has been happening for centuries. In parallel, we also need to begin the dialogues that will help black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) and white people see past the misinformation and barriers that white supremacy has erected.

Roxy Manning is here to ask the questions: What would it take for BIPOC people to speak authentically about their experiences to white people? If we showed up, what would we want white people to hear? And what would it take for white people to show up and be fully receptive to those conversations?

Using NVC and the concepts from social justice work, Roxy will help create the conditions for this conversation to flow in Authentic Dialogues Across Race & Ethnicity.

In two concurrent four-week courses, white and BIPOC people will meet separately for their own explorations. Following these sessions, there will be three 2-hour dialogues between the two groups.

In the BIPOC group, we will explore:

  • Where you’re authentic with white people and the places where you’re silent
  • What needs are driving the strategies you use when you move through white spaces
  • What is challenging about your conversations with white people? Where are you happy with how you show up, and where would you like support?
  • What you would like to share with white people about your experiences
  • What you would like to hear from white people
  • How white people can support the experiences of you and other BIPOC people

In the White group, we will explore:

  • Why it is important for white people to bear active witness to the experiences of BIPOC people
  • What prevents you from showing up fully with BIPOC people
  • What you hope and fear could happen in a dialogue with BIPOC people
  • Your patterns of responding when BIPOC people begin to talk to you about their experiences
  • What skills you need to show up with presence and intention
  • How you can support other white people when they revert to patterns that minimize, negate, or decenter the expressions of BIPOC people

The Dialogue
After both groups have completed their explorations, Roxy will facilitate dialogues centered around fully receiving the experiences of BIPOC people and their impact on all of us. From this place of greater understanding, we can explore how we can show up in interdependence, both to support our individual work and identify collective actions we can take towards creating a more equitable world.

Schedule – Dates & Times:

Part 1: Facilitated group learning space for each group, BIPOC and White
April 12, 19, 26, and May 3
BIPOC Group Dialogue:  10:00am – 12:00pm Pacific (California) Time
White Group Dialogue:   1:00 – 3:00pm Pacific (California) Time

Part 2: A facilitated dialogue between both groups
May 10, 17, and 24
10:00am – 12:00pm


  • Video and audio recordings of every session
  • Forum discussion available in the classroom
  • Lifetime access to the classroom.


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  • Early Bird 20% discount – $395 until March 22 ($493 after)
  • NVC Library Members – $316 until March 22 ($395 after)
    Enter coupon code NVCL at time of checkout.

We are asking white people to contribute the full payment knowing that their contribution supports BIPOC registrations and the sustainability of Roxy Manning and NVC Academy.

Acknowledging the vulnerable and emotional work that is being asked of the BIPOC community, we offer this course to BIPOC at whatever rate they can joyfully contribute knowing that their contribution supports Roxy Manning and NVC Academy in continuing to support conversation, learning, and growth.

What Happens After I Register?

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