Bringing Compassion to Antiracism

Join co-authors and friends Roxy Manning and Sarah Peyton in Fierce Compassion—an exploration of self-compassion, empathy, and activism for forging an antiracist Beloved Community. Select each episode below to visit the full Fierce Compassion site where you can learn more about the guest and listen to the interview.

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Past Episodes

April 1

Episode 18 – Education Evolution: The Community as Classroom with Lillian Hsu

March 18

Episode 17: Decolonizing Nonviolence and Intergenerational Healing with Meenadchi

March 4

Episode 16: Cultivating Love in the Workplace: Inclusion, Safety and Community with Rajkumari Neogy

February 19

Episode 15: The Rebels as Peacemakers with Kobi Skolnick and Aziz Abu Sarah

February 5

Episode 14: Caring to Lead with Jennifer Esteen, RN

December 23

Episode 13: Releasing Urgency and Changing Corporate Culture with Mary-Frances Winters

December 11

Episode 12: Honoring the Trickster with Dr. Báyò Akómolàfè

November 27

Episode 11: A Warm Family – The Roots of Social Justice and Advocacy with Dr. Rosa García

November 13

From Village to Diplomat – The Antiracist Journey of Jackson Lima

October 30

Revisioning Apartheid’s End with Edwin Cleophas

October 16

Identity and Authentic Expression as Antiracism: Participating in the New World of Hollywood with Carolyn Michelle Smith

October 2

Lightning Strike – Rebuilding Self through Self-Compassion and Radical Belonging with Marx Cassity

September 18

Sounding the Cry of Antiracism with Composer Philip Miller

September 4

60 Years of Hope and Truth Telling with Zillah Eisenstein

August 28

The Neuroscience of Privilege with Shakil Choudhury

August 7

The Creative Spirituality of Compassion with Dr. Shakti Butler

July 24

Embodying Nonviolence in the Classroom with Mike Tinoco

July 10

Welcome to Fierce Compassion with Roxy Manning and Sarah Peyton