Taste of BayNVC LP – Summer Retreat & Youth Program

June 17 – 24, 2018

The Retreat
Renew your understanding of applying, facilitating and exploring NVC in:

  • Structural power and unequal access to resources
  • Conscious interdependence
  • Mediation and group facilitation
  • Core principles of NVC and principle-based teaching
  • Transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability in relationships and groups
  • Connect with the community’s energy by joining a group of learners interested and invest in your growth. Taking time fun and play.

Special Learning Opportunities for Alumni
Alumni have the opportunity to extend their learning through with a series of teleclasses before the retreat. Alumni have an opportunity to develop an extensive full session offering, working with Roxy on principle based teaching design, and LP graduate, Visual Facilitation trainer Mireille Van Bremen, over four teleclasses, to design and implement an NVC learning you will give during the retreat. Alumni participating in this enhanced learning opportunity will also participate in feedback sessions on these offerings during the retreat

Kids welcome!
We offer an incredible NVC adventure for those of you with children. Our youth program is led by individuals who are highly skilled in the use of NVC with children and is packed full of fun and creative activities throughout the week.


220, Cloister Lane, Aptos, California, 95003, United States.