Beautiful Information: The Fundamentals of Visual Facilitation

June 25 – 26, 2018

Would you like more ease preparing materials for trainings, workshops or meetings? Would you like more focus, energy, and enjoyment before, during, and after making presentations? Are you wanting to bring effectiveness and creativity to promoting your work? Are you wanting better ways to stay connected with your audience once your time together is over?

In this workshop you will learn to create and integrate visual aids into your presentations to communicate with beauty and create learning that lasts.

”With Mireille’s guidance I was able to listen and express myself with a clarity and depth of understanding that was creative, transformational, life enriching and joyful. All I learned in 10 short hours will be so useful and clarifying, enriching and deepening the courses I teach and the groups I facilitate.”
Linda Hill, PhD, Inclusive Leadership Co-Founder, Vancouver Island, Canada

With Visual Facilitation you…

  • Reduce preparation time
  • Communicate what’s essential quickly and with striking clarity
  • Keep people engaged, connected & energized
  • Support visual learners (approx. 65% of people)
  • Stay focused and connected with your audience
  • Keep your own energy high
  • Foster sustained engagement, even after your presentation is finished
  • Promote your programs with ease and enjoyment


Can I do this even if I don’t know how to draw?
YES! Visual Facilitation provides useful tools and frameworks for everyone, regardless of your artistic background.

What about people who just “aren’t creative?”
Come! No matter your field, prior training, or creative experience, understanding visual facilitation can help you convey information with efficiency and beauty.


The Details:

Workshop dates:  Monday, June 25 – Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Schedule: Daily, 9:00am – 5:30pm, with an hour for lunch and two 15 min. breaks.

Location: A private home in San Lorenzo, 2 miles from the nearest BART station. Specific information will be sent upon registration

Tuition: $250 – 400 sliding scale. Payments accepted via PayPal or check.


About Mireille

My love for visual expression was nurtured by my first teachers in Waldorf school, my high school art teacher, and later during my studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. Creating images through visual thinking is a skill I developed to make sense of my own inner world and to understand others. Visual language has become one of the easiest ways for me to deeply connect.

 Since 2012, I’ve had over 640 hours of training in Nonviolent Communication from a variety of trainers on three continents, in addition to following other paths of personal and professional development. In that time I experienced a wide range of facilitation and didactic styles. From many conversations with trainers across different fields, I learned that educators often struggle to meet the needs of visual learners, and, despite their best efforts, many workshop participants are often unable to integrate some of the most valuable content.

My work helps make sure that the energy and resources people put into making a difference doesn’t go to waste, and that trainings reach the depth of learning and contribution that is possible.