Building Bridges – 2018

Every month on the first Saturday until February 3, 2018

Reuniting communities through empathy and critical awareness

  • Understand the dynamics that perpetuate us vs them thinking
  • Deepen empathic listening skills to help support those faced with hate speech and discriminatory actions
  • Practice authentic expression that is likely to connect
  • Resource yourself to say engaged and ready to act


About the course:

This monthly course introduces Nonviolent Communication and theories about how individuals function in groups and applies it to our current social challenges. As much of our country remains divided along lines of political affiliation, structural power and cultural identity, we will explore ways to use Nonviolent Communication to learn how to listen to those with viewpoints different than ours and create common ground on which we can find connection.

The course will use a combination of experiential exercises and didactic teaching to provide opportunities for deep learning and skill development. We’ll include time for connection as a core strategy for creating the kind of community that can help heal and restoring us as we face these increasingly intense times.