Convergent Facilitation: Introduction & Deepening Practice

March 9 – 11, 2019

with Miki Kashtan and Roxy Manning

Working and decision-making in groups and teams doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The Convergent Facilitation workshop teaches you – without sacrificing productivity – how to make decisions that tap into a group’s shared purpose and that everyone truly supports.

You can move from conflict to real collaboration

Convergent Facilitation tools can turn a dreaded meeting into a meaningful and efficient collaboration, even when there is conflict in your group. If your project is stalled by bottlenecks, you don’t get the information you need from the experts you’re counting on, critical voices aren’t at the table, or the issues are polarized and contentious, Convergent Facilitation can create a breakthrough path forward together.

Who it’s for

  • Team leaders: Reap the benefits of whole-hearted collaboration: buy-in at all levels, a more cohesive team, and better decisions informed by stakeholder needs.
  • Community organizers and activists: Learn to surface people’s core concerns and reach consensus decisions where no one is marginalized, while avoiding long, draining, divisive meetings.
  • Facilitators: Zoom in on the source of conflicts, and learn transformative, practical options that work even when your group seems completely stuck.
  • Mediators: Get new tools to help any number of parties work towards breakthrough solutions, using a process that is transparent to all.

What you can take away

  • A practical, step-by-step process for discovering breakthrough solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable
  • A strategy that helps people transcend conflicts, stretch beyond their initial positions, and embrace a decision that attends to everyone’s needs
  • Many ways to keep a meeting moving forward without leaving anyone behind


Part 1 (March 9&10): Introduction to Convergent Facilitation with Roxy Manning, $155-$295 (sliding scale)

Part 2 (March 11): Deepening Practice of framework and facilitation with Roxy Manning and Miki Kashtan, $85-$155 (sliding scale) – Highly recommended, optional and open to those who have taken Part 1 or have participated in any other Convergent Facilitation training before. If you have experience in Convergent Facilitation and are interested in our train-the-trainer track, click here.


To register, visit the Convergent Facilitation Introduction and Deepening Practice event page and scroll down to the Registration section for next steps.