Peacebuilding When We Disagree (Podcast)

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By roxymanning

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With election season 2020 behind us, there’s a lot of talk from winning candidates about opposing political sides trying to “talk” and “listen” to each other and stop demonizing each other. This PEACE TALKS RADIO program is about how to move from disgust of another’s belief to a more engaged alliance. We discuss how when we disagree with others, we can do more than the extremes of avoiding them or screaming at them.

Republican politician Margaret Chase Smith was credited as saying, “Every human being is entitled to courtesy and consideration.” Given that thought, consider these questions for yourself: Are you able to walk that talk yourself these days, that EVERY human being is entitled to courtesy and consideration? Or are some people in your life or the world in general no longer seen as interesting, but are seen as a threat instead? Do you dread going to some family events or seeing certain neighbors who seem to hold different beliefs and values than you? Is there any way to do anything about this or is avoidance and polarization our society’s destiny?

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