Roxy Manning at the global NVC Rising Festival 2021: Three Sessions

May 28 – 29, 2021

Check out these three NVC teaching sessions led by Roxy at the upcoming NVC Rising Festival

Session 1:
Closing Privilege Gaps
May 28, 7p – 9p PT

In every society, there are gaps in understanding across roles with different access to power and resources (e.g., parent-child; employee-boss; dominant racial group – historically marginalized racial groups; teacher-student; male-female-nonbinary; etc.) Even those of us committed to closing these gaps run into blocks. If we’re on the upper end of the power spectrum, we might be unable to receive feedback about ways we are showing up that consciously or unconsciously affirm existing inequities. If we’re on the lower end of the power spectrum, we may be unable to show up with a full claiming of our own power, or with the capacity to give feedback in ways that increase the likelihood we’ll be heard. Let’s discuss what gets in the way of us meeting each other fully, and explore some strategies to close the gap.

Session 2:
Ask Roxy Anything! Open Q&A with Roxy Manning
May 29, 11:00 AM – 01:00 PM PT

Have questions about NVC? Join Roxy in a wide-ranging session in which we will explore the topics you’re struggling with. Roxy is open to questions on any topic, from talking about privilege and isms while holding NVC consciousness to how to use NVC with a stubborn partner! The session’s content will be determined by what you want to know, so bring your curiosity and your openness!
a Q&A session about using NVC to have cross-privilege dialogues.

Session 3:
More than personal growth: Supporting nonviolent activism with Nonviolent Communication
May 29, 07:00 PM – 09:00 PM PT

Marshall Rosenberg said, “If I use empathy to liberate people to be less depressed, to get along better with their family, and at the same time not inspire them to use their energy to rapidly transform systems in the world, then I am part of the problem. I am essentially calming people down, making them happier to live in the systems as they are, and I am using empathy as a narcotic.” Let’s explore together how to use NVC for change. Learn how to use NVC to increase awareness of the ways so many existing systems result in so many unmet needs. Discuss strategies that can help those challenging life-alienating systems to thrive and avoid replicating in new alliances the patterns of domination embedded in the systems they are trying to change.